Saturday, 11 Jul 2020

Netizens Become More Hectic that Jokowi Will Attend a Concert


InternetInternet -  Former Secretary General of BUMN, Muhamad Said Didu, said that Jokowi's action to attend a music concert entitled the unity is not right. Remembering the current condition nation is in the midst of bloody incidents.

"Is it proper to "party "when the people's blood soaks Mother Earth. I can't help thinking, the blood of many people is shed, but thinking to attend concert. Where is the logic?," Said Didu commented, Tuesday (1/10).

Democratic Party politician, Jansen Sitindaon also spoke sharply with regard to the concert program. Jansen said the solution to the riots and tragedies in Papua and Maluku was not a concert.

"Ouch, what’s more boss? The cry of the student demonstrations and humanitarian in Papua, Maluku is enough to be a sad music for this republic. And the solution is not with this concert! Just go to the UN. Because the situation is no longer right, "Jansen tweeted in his Twitter account.  




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