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Heartbreaking, State Elementary School Students in Rokan Hulu Study in a Boarded and Ground-Floor Class


(Schools in Kepuhi Subdistrict, Rokan Hulu need  to be reconstructed (photo / special))(Schools in Kepuhi Subdistrict, Rokan Hulu need to be reconstructed (photo / special)) -

Wednesday, September 2, 2019, it was sad and heartbreaking to see the condition of the class at SD 006 Kepuhi Subdistrict, Ulak Patian Village, Rokan Hulu Regency, Riau. Dozens of students study in the classroom walled by wood and floored by ground

If it rains, water will seep into the classroom. Make students study with wet floors and puddles.

That was justified by the Principal of SDN 006 Subdistrict of Kep fulfillment, Andimarianto. Even though this school is the only elementary school that is intended for 350 families. The rest have been established by Paud, TK and SMP in the village.

As a result dozens of students from a total of 200 students in elementary school are studying with rudimentary conditions. It seems like they have to be willing to accept being hit by floods due to overflowing Rokan Kanan River, broken roofs, broken windows, grounded and even worse students sit under emergency chairs.

"For chairs, our students sit in self-help chairs. The chairs are made by us. There is no assistance from the Rohul district government or from Riau Province," Andimarianto said when contacted via cellphone.

Unfortunately, the learning section of the board is occupied by students in grades 1 and 2. While grade 3 and grade 4 students are severely damaged with a ceiling that is about to fall. Only grades 5 and 6 are fortunate enough to occupy a decent learning space.

Each room is either badly damaged and not filled as many as 27 to 35 students. "If we have 40 people, we usually divide two. We can't teach that much," he complained.

He hoped that the central government and large-scale private companies that also lived not far from schools would be able to extend assistance to rejuvenate the school, which had been established since the 1970s.

"We hope that the provincial government and companies care. Maybe because this school is located in a difficult and remote village, so we are like this," he hoped.

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