Monday, 01 Jun 2020

Siak Weaving Starts Going International


Director of the Indonesian Diaspora UKM-IKM, Ira Damayanti wears Siak woven clothDirector of the Indonesian Diaspora UKM-IKM, Ira Damayanti wears Siak woven cloth - The products of micro, small and medium enterprises (UMKM) in Indonesia have enormous potential to penetrate the export market. One of them is woven fabric products from Siak Regency.

Director of the Indonesian Diaspora Empowerment and Development of UKM-IKM Ira Damayanti said, in an effort to enter the global market, it needed continuous connectivity and synergy, both with representatives of the Indonesian government in the destination country and through the diaspora network spread across various countries.

 "We are ready to facilitate and encourage active Siak Regency UKM-IKM for promotion, branding, and marketing to the global market," Ira Damayanti said while filling the activities that were sponsored by the Siak Cooperative and UMKM Office at the Grand Mempura hotel, some time ago.

On that occasion he asked for 10 superior products of Siak Regency to be selected and then export them abroad. "We really like Siak woven fabric, the quality is good. But why not export it," Ira asked.

Ira said, weaving Siak should not only be cloth, but try to make it right. Like a bag, or an agenda book cover. So he continued, there was a memento in the form of an agenda book made from Siak weaving. So that every visitor who comes is also interested in buying.

He conveyed, for food and beverage products, of course, they must have a trademark, product name, list of ingredients used, net weight, name of the address of the producing party, halal label, distribution permit, expiration month and year and others.

The seminar activity which was attended by the envoys of MSMEs from Siak District was aimed at increasing export-oriented SME products with global competitiveness with international standardization and certification.

So that products can be accepted in international markets and provide information and access to international market networks, market demand and conditions for entering export destination markets.

Related to this, the Chairman of the National Crafts Council (DEKRANAS) of Siak Regency expressed his gratitude for the attention of the Director of the Indonesian Dispora.

"Thank you for the attention of the director's mother who wants to help the development of UKM, especially Siak weaving to be marketed to the global market," said Rasidah Alfedri, Sunday, October 6, 2019.

He conveyed, the Dekranasda continued to try to promote Siak weaving in every exhibition that the local government participated in in several regions. In addition, various handicrafts from woven materials have also been made, such as fans, glass covers and tissue box covers.

Then in every holiday ceremony Dekranasda obliged the official ladies to wear Siak weaving. "Thank God, we have many craftsmen, so that with the attention of the central government, we can increase the demand for weaving production and of course it can increase the family's economic income," said Rasidah.

Rasidah conveyed that in the near future Dekranasda Siak regency plans to create a Weaving Festival in collaboration with the company. While the Siak Batik Festival will be held on October 9, 2019.

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