Monday, 01 Jun 2020

Not being a Legislator, Mester Hasuhunan Optimistic Forward in Siak Pilbup 2020


Mester Hasuhunan Hamzah saat mendaftar Pilkada 2020 Siak ke DPD Partai NasdemMester Hasuhunan Hamzah saat mendaftar Pilkada 2020 Siak ke DPD Partai Nasdem - Mester Hasuhunan Hamzah, a former two-member DPRD for the period of Siak Regency, was accompanied by the winning team and a delegation to the Nasdem Party DPD Office to retrieve registration forms for the selection of candidates for Regent and Deputy Regent of Siak, Monday 7 October 2019.

The arrival of the Master and the group was received directly by the Chairman of the Siak Regency DPD Muhamad accompanied by the Chairman of the Selection Committee and other administrators.

The former Siak Legislator was very optimistic to keep going forward in the upcoming 2020 regent election, even though his struggle in the 2019 Legislative Election failed.

"To advance to the 2019 Pilbup, we need 8 votes of the bearers, and today I officially take the form in the Nasdem Party, later I will also coordinate with other political parties that open up opportunities," said the Head of Siak Branch of PT Amanah Travel after filling out form at the Office of the Nasdem Siak Party.

He was very optimistic because of his intentions and proof of his seriousness and also for the community's support for him. "I want to develop Siak Regency which still has many shortcomings, this is also due to the support of the community who asked me to advance in 2020. Therefore, I am ready to follow the entire selection process, such as due diligence and propriety," he said.

Meanwhile Chairman of DPD Siak Regency Muhamad NASDEM, he was very appreciative enough to give Mester who came and registered with the party made by Surya Paloh.

"This is a good start, we are very open to anyone who wants to run for Nasdem, because the Nasdem Party is a political party without a bride price," he explained.

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