Thursday, 16 Jul 2020

Mayor of Pekanbaru Calls Position of Strategic Bus Stop Cause Residents Are Reluctant to Use TMP Buses


Halte Bus Trans Metro Pekanbaru di depan Pasar Cik Puan.Halte Bus Trans Metro Pekanbaru di depan Pasar Cik Puan. - The position of the bus stop which is considered not strategic is one of the causes of the lonely Trans Metro Pekanbaru (TMP) bus passengers. To solve this solution, the Pemko Pekanbaru will present a passenger pick-up vehicle (feeder) to the bus stop that has been prepared.

This was conveyed by the Mayor of Pekanbaru Firdaus, Thursday (10/10/2019).

"The relevant parties that operate the TMP Bus must be responsible for increasing the number of passengers. These parties are the Transportation Agency (Dishub), Dimas Public Works and Spatial Planning (PUPR), and PT Trans Pekanbaru Madani (TPM)," he said.

The Transportation Agency and the PUPR Service are assigned to improve facilities and infrastructure. Whereas PT TPM acts as the operator.

"I will ask them to make various efforts to increase the number of TMP bus passengers in the next two months," said Firdaus.

One effort is to provide transportation that picks up to the location of many passengers to the nearest bus stop. It is hoped that in this way, the number of TMP bus passengers will increase.

"So far, the cause of the low number of TMP bus passengers is because of the bus stop's position," said Firdaus.

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