Tuesday, 02 Jun 2020

Inspectorate Checks Pelalawan DLH, Forest and Land Case?


Kantor DLH PelalawanKantor DLH Pelalawan - Pelalawan Regency Inspectorate conducts an examination of the Pelalawan Environment Agency (DLH). The inspectorate auditor team began to enter since Wednesday, October 9, 2019 yesterday.

An audit conducted in the current year is a question mark. Is there any connection, with the occurrence of forest and land fires (karhutla) and the examination of the Pelalawan Regent, HM Harris last week at the National Police Headquarters.

The source said that the inspection by this inspectorate was a routine audit. But he said, the issue of environmental recommendations and documentation, became the first thing to audit.

"The inspectorate audit team has been in since yesterday morning. Environmental recommendations and documentation, the first thing to be audited," explained this source.

This source also did not dispute that the audit recommendations and environmental documentation were related to forest and land fire events in several companies.

"Obviously there is. DLH is the OPD which is given the authority to carry out regular environmental monitoring and supervision of companies in Pelalawan Regency," said the echelon 3 official.

The Head of Pelalawan Regency Inspectorate denied that the audit conducted by his party was only related to the case of the Forestry and Land Fire.

"This is a routine audit. Same with other OPDs. It has nothing to do with it (karhutla)," said the Head of Pelalawan Inspectorate, M Irsyad, to, Wednesday, October 9, 2019 yesterday.

Irsyad explained, 4 aspects that were the object of audit by the inspectorate, namely, finance, facilities and infrastructure, HR and the main tasks and functions (duties) of the OPD.

"It's the same as other OPD. There is nothing special or different, with our current audit at the DLH," he concluded.

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