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Kuansing 20th Anniversary, House of Legislative Promotes KUB National Cap of Elang Pulai


(National cap made by Sudanto, a small business owner from the State of Elang Pulai, Pangean District (photo / zar))(National cap made by Sudanto, a small business owner from the State of Elang Pulai, Pangean District (photo / zar)) -

KUANSING- 20th Anniversary of the 2019 Kuantan Singingi Regency, which was attended by the founding figures, Former Regent, Governor, Regency / City Regent, Forkopinda, Legislative Member. Riau Dapil Kuansing / Inhu, Chairperson / Deputy Chairperson, Member of the Kuansing Regional Legislative Assembly, Head of the Regional Representative Council, Kabag, Camat.

But what most interesting in this commemoration of Kuansing Anniversary is the Legislative Kuansing promotes the craft of small entrepreneurs from the country of the track, namely the national cap made by Sudanto, a UKM actor from the Elang Pulai Country, Pangean District.

The cap that was made under the auspices of KUB Elang Pulai from Pasar Baru Village Pangean was made part of a souvenir given by the council for the guests present. The cap of pride of Kuansing residents is part of hundreds of souvenirs in addition to other Kuansing SME products, such asWajik  dopuar, gelamai and sago crackers.

"The direction of the Legislative chairman, take advantage of Kuansing's anniversary warning to promote Kuansing's small business products such as the national cap from Pangean so that it is well known. This is a form of appreciation from the council for the creativity and tenacity of Kuansing SMEs to produce products and develop them so that they are aligned with businesses from other regions," he said. Secretary of Legislative Kuansing, Mastur, Saturday (12/10/2019).

"One of them is a cap from Pangean. Kuansing's Wajik  dopuar , gelamai, and sago crackers are not inferior to other regions. Even they are more delicious, that's why the Legislative chairperson was asked to promote it," he continued.

The invitation of the chairman of the Legislative, he said, the Kuansing community must be proud of the production produced by their own generations.

The 20th anniversary of Kuansing was held through a ceremony in the Limuno field and continued with a special plenary session at the Kuansung Legislative. (R24 / Zar)

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