Monday, 01 Jun 2020

Reject the Determination of AKD, PAN, Gerindra and PKS Faction Will Make a Counterpart, PKB: Where's the Reference?


(The Riau Parliament's decision which took place on Thursday drew polemics by three Riau DPRD Faction)(The Riau Parliament's decision which took place on Thursday drew polemics by three Riau DPRD Faction) -

The polemic regarding to the determination of the (AKD) Riau's Legislative in the Plenary session yesterday continued to heat up. Three factions in the Riau's Legislative Garindra, and PKS firmly rejected the results of the AKD stipulation due to procedural defects.

As a next step on Monday, the three factions threatened to conduct a counter-election if the polemic was not resolved. "On Monday we will have a rival court session if this polemic is not resolved because Gerindra has a vice chairman of the Riau's Legislative Hardianto," said Gerindra Faction chairman Husni Thamrin. Friday 11 October 2019.

Responding to the rival paripuna session, the PKB faction actually questioned the basic rules of the three Riau's legislative factions to disperse the plenary. According to him there is no such thing as a rival in this institution.

"The reference is where, make the rules first, andall factions have been filled," said Sugianto.

But what is clear is Sugianto said that the AKD that has been established is legally valid. If you want to change it, three factions suggest names for the second plenary.

"If you want to change, it can be in the second plenary later, by proposing the names of factions that have not yet entered. And the second plenary's agenda is not to change the heads of factions but to determine the names of faction members," he explained.

Sugianto admitted, PKB doesnt mind about itself position in this commission . Because PKB is always cooperative although it cannot get a position in the commission.

"PKB also did not get a position in the commission, and the PKB Corperative still sent the names of the commission to the leadership of the Riau DPRD. But the point was that the formation of the AKD yesterday was legally valid," he concluded.

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