Saturday, 04 Jul 2020

Balinese Tradition to Ask for Prosperity


Ketupat WarKetupat War -The residents of Desa Adat Desa, Mengwi Subdistrict, Badung Regency, Bali, carry out the tradition of Tabuh Rah Pengangon or Ketupat War.


This tradition begins with a traditional Balinese dance performance.


This is done by throwing diamonds between a group of men who throw the Purusa symbol and a group of women who throw diamonds with the Predana or female symbols.


Then the Ketupat war tradition was continued by hundreds of residents carried out outside the Pura Desa area.


Ketut Sudarsana explained, the tradition was first carried out in 1339 AD, and continued to be held once a year.


Meanwhile, Deputy Regent of Badung I Ketut Suustom who attended and participated in the procession of the Ketupat war welcomed the implementation of the tradition.


According to him, the tradition has been based on religious teachings that can be used to preserve Balinese culture and traditions while at the same time improving religious teachings and traditions.


He said the implementation of the tradition had a number of objectives. Among them is to increase prosperity and prosperity, as a symbol of strength and the fourth is a form of unity.


On that occasion, Ketut Suustom handed over IDR 100 million in funds to support the traditional activities received by the Ketut Sudarsana Indigenous Ship, Sudarsana.





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