Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Savage! the Genocide Massacre at Wamena was Intentionally Carried Out During the Riot


The victim who gave the testimonyThe victim who gave the testimony - The massacre of Minang or Padang and Bugis and other tribes including the massacre of Papuans in Wamena received strong public response.

Separatist groups supported by the Free Papua Movement (OPM) are allegedly as the mastermindsof the massacre, but there is no statement of responsibility from the OPM faction and its allies.

it is known that the massacre process occurred when the rioting demonstration on 23 September 2019 broke out in Wamena. The mass demonstration expanded by carrying various kinds of weapons such as, machetes, spears to archery.

The protesters no longer voiced constitutional political aspirations, but had led to the slaughter of nomads in Wamena. At least 32 people from various tribes died in the most brutal riots on Papua. They took hostages of immigrants and also Papuans themselves, burning several people alive, including a doctor whose car was blocked and then the doctor was doused with gasoline and burned alive.

The savage cruelty is illustrated by a number of photographs obtained by the Editor and testimony of survivors of the massacre.

This incident according to the Witness whose story was circulating on Social Media, occurred when the Internet Network in Papua was shut down by the government.

Victim's testimony tells us, at the time of the incident, right behind the houses of OAP (Origin People of Papua) residents that were located right behind the campus . They were hidden. They close together to sit down so as not to look mass. There are friends who peek inside to monitor the period until where.

Then everyone was silent when there were a few people lurking around our hiding place.

The resident who helped them tried to divert the attention of the mass to another place. During 1 hour, the helping resident opened the door of the room and said there were officers. Suddenly they ran to the evacuation truck. They ran as hard as they could, breathing through wire fences, swamps, entering gutters in long skirts.

When riding in a truck. It turns out that many elementary students also hide with their teacher. They cried uncontrollably. Gunfire sounds like a fireworks party. Right and left of the fire.

The Indonesian National Police itself has mentioned that the Chairperson of the West Papua Liberation Movement (ULMWP), Benny Wenda, is said to be the mastermind of the demonstrations that led to the riots that took place in Wamena District, Jayapura, Papua.

Military and intelligence observer Wawan H Purwanto said that if Benny was suspected to be a source of commotion in Wamena on Monday 23 September 2019 there should be an effort made by the authorities to uphold the law.





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