Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Thought Dead Due to Work Accident, This Photographer's Death was a Murder


Victoria SchaferVictoria Schafer - At the beginning of the photographer's death, it looked like a strange accident, but the authorities realized that the wood did not fall on its own.

The log that fell on her from nowhere, right where Victoria Schafer was working with his camera, taking pictures.

Sitting on the steps under the sandstone cliff, the photographer had positioned a group of six high school seniors last month for a Labor Day portrait near the waterfall at Old Man's Cove, one of the most amazing locations in Hocking Hills State Park in Logan, Ohio.

Suddenly the wooden beam as high as 74 feet and six feet was hurtling above it. The beam fell from a height of 75 feet from the cliff, falling on Schafer while he was preoccupied with his work. The mother of four 44-year-old child died at the scene.

Authorities say they have found the culprit behind the incident. They are two 16-year-old boy.

They were arrested and accused of frivolous murder in the death of Schafer.

Until now, the police are still searching for the motives behind the murder.





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