Sunday, 05 Jul 2020

Having Too Much Sex Can Harm Your Health, Here's the Explanation


IllustrationIllustration - Sexual activity can provide positive health benefits. However, if sexual activity is carried out excessively and has dominated a person's mind to make him addicted, then this activity will actually harm health - both mentally and physically.

Actually, there are no absolute numbers that limit a person in doing sexual activity within a certain time frame.

However, if thoughts about sex always haunt, and then it is difficult to do other activities or unable to focus on other things, then this condition can already be classified as sex addiction.

Here are some signs that can be a measurement if someone has been addicted to sex:

1.Feeling unable to control sexual appetite
2. Not able to regulate daily life due to sexual activities carried out
3. Feeling ashamed of the sexual activity that's being undertaken
4. Not able to focus on anything else
5. Tend to be easy to have sex, even with someone who is not yet known to be close
6. Lying to others about sexual patterns they have
7. Feeling guilty after having sex, but repeating it again

If the things above have begun to be felt, then it means you have to start to seek help.

Sex addiction is the same as other addictions such as cigarettes, alcohol, or illegal drugs. If you have mastered the sufferer, it will be difficult to get out of the trap without the help of those around him.

Someone who is addicted to sex is also at risk of experiencing a variety of disorders, both mentally and physically.




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