Wednesday, 03 Jun 2020

After PAN and PDIP, Now Kasmarni Enrolls in DPD Nasdem Bengkalis as 2020 Regional Election Candidate


Kasmarni returned the Bengkalis regent's balloon form for the 2020 elections to Nasdem's DPDKasmarni returned the Bengkalis regent's balloon form for the 2020 elections to Nasdem's DPD - Kasmarni registered with DPD Nasdem Bengkalis as a candidate for the Regent in the Bengkalis Regional Election in 2020, Wednesday, October 16, 2019.

Previously, the wife of Bengkalis Regent Amril had registered in two parties, namely PAN and PDI-P, as well as the Regent's balloon.

Kasmarni and the team arrived at the DPD Nasdem Bengkalis Secretariat and were immediately greeted by DPD Chairman Nasdem Bengkalis Askori, Chairperson of Bapilu Mistar J Ambarita and a number of DPD Nasdem management.

"This is the third party that I registered for, God willing, has stepped in with Bismillah, going forward to become a candidate for Regent in the upcoming Bengkalis elections in 2020," Kasmarni said.

"Because of her husband's permission, I have been able to go until now, asking for her support," he continued.

Kasmarni still did not mention who was the deputy district head, because he had not made a choice. "For partners there is not yet, still single," he added.

It was alluded to whether to continue the program of Amril Mukminin's husband who is currently still the Bengkalis Regent. Kasmarni admitted, he has his own vision and mission, although the same but different.

"But the difference does not rule out the possibility of synergy to build Bengkalis Regency in the future," he said.

If continuing Kasmarni revealed, in fact he did not want the words 'continue'. "Because you have a different vision and mission. If the activity is a priority and it's good, what's the harm in continuing," he said.

"However, if for example it is not useful even though it is a 'legacy', of course we will not continue," he said.

In addition to the three parties, PDIP, PAN and Nasdem, Kasmarni also plans to re-take the form to Bengkalis PKS DPD. Previously Kasmarni had also taken the form to the Democratic Party but it had not been returned.

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