Wednesday, 03 Jun 2020

Pelalawan PKS DPD submits balloon name file for Pelalawan regent and deputy regent in 2020 elections to Riau PKS DPW


Pelalawan PKS DPD Submits 8 Balloons for Local Election 2020 to DPWPelalawan PKS DPD Submits 8 Balloons for Local Election 2020 to DPW - Pelalawan PKS DPD submitted the candidate files (balloons) of the Regent and Deputy Regent of Pelalawan in the 2020 elections to Riau PKS DPW, Tuesday, October 15, 2019 yesterday.

The balloon file, is the result of a selection conducted by Pelalawan PKS DPD, starting on October 1 until October 7, 2019.

"Yesterday we submitted it directly to the Riau PKS DPW in Pekanbaru. Received by Riau PKW Deputy Chairperson Syamsudin and victory manager for Pelalawan Indra Isnaeni," said Pelalawan PKS DPD Chairperson, Sukemi, Wednesday, October 16, 2019.

Sukemi said, there were 8 balloon names that registered with Pelalawan PKS DPD during the selection, which would then be selected as fit and propertest by Riau PKS DPW whose schedule was still being prepared.

Sukemi also coordinated with the Chairman of Riau PKS DPW, Hendry Munief regarding a number of things. Among them, some people who until the closing day of selection at the Pelalawan PKS DPD level still want to register.

"The results of the coordination, all of them passed away to the authority of the Riau PKS DPW. "Under the Regional Council there is Regional Da'wah or Darda which is the liaison between the DPD and the DPW," he explained.

He added, if someone registers at the DPW level, the DPD will be included. The point is DPW still respects and respects the balloon selection process at the DPD level.

"There are some people who still want to register as balloon Pelalawan Pilkada 2020, but we submit it to DPW," he concluded.

The eight balloons of Pelalawan regents and deputy regents in the 2021-2026 period were registered with the Pelalawan PKS DPD, namely Adi Sukemi, Apul Sihombing, Nasarudin, Abdullah, Husni Thamrin, Tengku zulmizan Assegaf, Zukri Misran and Tengku Kespandiar.

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