Friday, 07 Aug 2020

Be Careful! Stress Because of Work Gives a Bad Impact to Sex Life


IllustrationIllustration - For married couples, having sex is an important activity to do. Through intimate contact a married couple can get to know each other's characters and personalities more deeply. Through sex too, a married couple can feel happier and healthier with each other.

When couples have intimate relationships properly and both can achieve the best orgasm, this will make both of them more impressed with each other. But unfortunately, not everyone can feel happy and reach orgasm during intercourse.

Reporting from the page, there are many things that can make a person hard to reach a climax or orgasm during intercourse. One of those things is stress due to work.

Research conducted by experts, stress due to work has a major effect on one's sex life. People who are too stressed out at work will find it difficult to orgasm or climax when having sex.

Research has found that people who are stressed out, stressed out and whose work is draining their energy and mind tend to have an unpleasant sex life. His level of happiness in having sex is very low. This is different from people who work casually and happily, they are more likely to have a pleasant sex life.




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