Saturday, 11 Jul 2020

Hosts Porprov Riau, Wabup Kuansing Said Need Big Funds


Kuantan Singingi Regency (Kuansing) will host the Riau Provincial Sports Week (Porprov) in 2021Kuantan Singingi Regency (Kuansing) will host the Riau Provincial Sports Week (Porprov) in 2021 - Kuantan Singingi Regency (Kuansing) will host the Riau Provincial Sport Week (Porprov) in 2021. To face the Riau Porprov, sports infrastructure is needed for each Sports Branch (Sports) to be held.

While this time, Kuansing only had a few sports facilities, and there were still a few more sports needed. Such as Swimming Sports, Rock Climbing, Athletic Tracks, Pentaque, Archery, Repairing Paddle Kobun Nopi Venue and Sports Center Stadium, Repairs and other equipment.

"To build the sports facilities infrastructure, a large budget is indeed needed. However, the benefit principle must be reviewed in advance, for example the Swimming Pool Construction which reached Rp45 billion," said Kuansing Deputy Regent, H. Halim, told reporters.

According to him, for a swimming pool, can use the existing one and just renovate it again, such as Swimming Pool in the Kuantan Hotel and Waterpark, this certainly will not spend that much budget.

"To build it, it needs a study, what are the impacts, and what will be able to take care of it after it is used. Because we see, for existing buildings only, namely the Sports Center Stadium and Kobun Nopi Rowing Venue are not well maintained," he explained.

Therefore, he considered, it should be studied first the principle of benefit after it was built. "Who will take care of him, and what about the conditions of the lights, and so on," he said.

Because, he is more inclined to such a large budget, it is better to use it to build factories, which of course will be able to open jobs. "At present there are still many of our people screaming, feeling economic difficulties, finding employment is difficult," he said again.

He explained, if its use was over Porprov for what, because existing buildings were left alone and not well maintained. "Like the Sports Center Stadium, Hall A and Hall B, they are not used and well maintained," he said.

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