Thursday, 16 Jul 2020

Around 200 Snakes Found in Her Home, 36-Year-Old Woman Was Found Dead Wrapped By Her Pet


Laura HurstLaura Hurst - Police said a mother was found dead with a 2.4 meter long python wrapped around her neck in a house laden with snakes in northern Indiana.

Authorities said Laura Hurst of Battle Ground, Indiana, was likely wound to death on the Oxford property of Benton County Sheriff Donald E. Munson where 140 snakes were kept.

The 36-year-old woman was found helpless on the floor Wednesday night with a reticulated python wrapped around her neck.

Hurst's Facebook profile shows that she may have two children. Images from 2012 show she is married.

On her facebook profile, she works as a Harness Engineering Build Techician at Kirby Risk in Lafayette.

Riley said the person who discovered her kept the python away, but medics couldn't revive it. The formal cause of the woman's death is still under investigation, the autopsy process is scheduled for Friday.

Based on police information the woman has about 20 snakes at home. But the property is not inhabited by humans and is 'made to guard snakes'.

She also reportedly cared for and raised the snakes for sale.

Reticulated pythons often come from South Asian countries, sub-Saharan Africa and Australia. They can grow up to 32 feet and the largest captive breeding is 25 feet in Kansas City in 2011.

The reticulated python of 6-8 feet is called 'super dwarf' while 10-12 feet is called 'dwarf'.

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