Wednesday, 15 Jul 2020

Cruel! Eyes and Tongue of a Policeman of Four Children Seriously Injured While in Action Caught a Thug


Sgt Andrew Gore Sgt Andrew Gore - Sgt Andrew Gore suffered "terrible injuries" when a very violent criminal Paul Elliott, 46, sprayed ammonia into his eyes. This happened when Sergeant Andrew Gore tried to chase him up the stairs.

On April 16, Sergeant George, 44, raided a property in Darwen after receiving a report of a safety threat from a woman.

Officers broke down the front door around 1:45 in the morning and the attack ensued.

Using an old bleach bottle, Elliott sprayed ammonia down the stairs as Sergeant Gore climbed, the liquid flowing all over his face and into his throat.

Two other officers behind him were also sprayed.

CCTV footage screened in court showed Sergeant Gore falling back when ammonia began to burn his face and throat.

Another officer was heard shouting, 'I can't breathe' and coughed when Elliott shouted encouraging his team, before he tried to save himself.

Sergeant Gore, who is a father of four children, now has to fight in saving the vision in his left eye.

Sgt. Gore said, "I personally do not see it as an attack on me. I see it as an attack on police services. I have no anger or hatred towards the man.

He has undergone two operations and there is no guarantee that treatment will improve his vision, to a maximum of 50 percent in his left eye, in the future.

Now, the criminal Elliot must be in prison for 14 years and six months. He pleaded guilty to the charges made against him. He also admitted he deliberately sprinkled the corrosive liquid.

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