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Dangerous Facts About Sleeping Position That Not Many People Know


IllustrationIllustration - From the way you lie down, to your hands that touch your face, experts have revealed how the way you sleep can cause damage to your skin.

A beautician, Jamie Sherrill, told The Telegraph that sleeping facing the front is 'the worst position', while sleeping facing the side can increase wrinkles on the cheeks and chin.

Meanwhile Dr Marwa Ali, from the Wellness Clinic at Harrods, revealed how to avoid the formation of wrinkles in the chest.

Experts have revealed how your sleeping position can age your skin, and suggest ways you can minimize the damage to your skin, including sleeping on your back

1. Sleeping on his stomach

Sherill explained that sleeping on his stomach with his face 'thrown' on the pillow is the worst position to sleep.

He explained that position caused wrinkles around the lips and between the eyebrows.

2. Sleep Over Smaping

Meanwhile sleeping facing the side isn't much better. This position increases the vertical creases of the cheeks and chin.

The best way to reduce wrinkles is to minimize facial contact with your pillow. Sleep on your back and try not to push your face to the pillow.

This position will also make you wake up less swollen, because it allows fluid in your skin to flow more effectively.

In addition, Dr Marwa Ali, from the Health Clinic at Harrods, said that while sleeping in an oblique position, the breasts will fuse and cause folds to form.

Over time these wrinkles will become increasingly clear. However, this can be avoided by the trick of placing a 'long pair of socks' between your breasts to prevent folds and lines from forming while you sleep.

3. Sleep by placing your hands near your face

Throughout the day our hands are constantly exposed to bacteria, whether it is at home, on the road, or in the office.

And in bed, many people make the mistake of touching their faces at night, or putting their faces in their hands while they sleep - which is actually very unhygienic.

In addition, for people who use their cellphones in bed, Dr. Ali made sure bacteria would move from cellphones to skin.

He later explained that this could cause breakouts and rashes.

So, it's important to make sure you wash your hands before going to bed and sterilize your cell phone with a sterile cloth.

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