Saturday, 30 May 2020

Chaos in China; a Politician's Ear Is Bitten Until It Breaks


Photo : InternetPhoto : Internet - Four people were stabbed and one ear of the four was partially bitten during a protest attack at a Hong Kong shopping mall.

The protesters were covered in blood and a knife was thrown near the Cityplaza shopping mall in Hong Kong's Taikoo district, where a peaceful protest took place. The action was a form of pro-democracy activism in the region.

Four people were seriously injured in the attack.

Lo Kin-hei, deputy chairman of the Hong Kong Democratic Party, said one of his district councilors, Andrew Chiu, was rushed to the hospital after an attacker bit his ear.

The councilor, who was overseeing the Taikoo Shing area, where the incident occurred, appeared to be covered in blood with his ears cut off. He held his ear in a plastic bag.

The protesters around him tried to subdue the suspect by punching him and throwing him to the ground.

Protests that have rocked the semi-autonomous region of China have occurred in recent months.

So far the physical violence of the protest has been the most brutal. Lo Kin-hei said: "Just now, District Councilor Andrew Chiu was attacked. His left ear was cut from two bites."

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