Monday, 13 Jul 2020

Horror ! Two Days Disappeared, the Body of a Female Labor Force Was Found Decaying in a Dormitory Well


The evacuation processThe evacuation process - Tragic. The female labor force (TKW) was found dead in a well at the Ngrupit Village Laboratory, Jenangan District, Ponorogo, East Java on Sunday (3 November 2019).

The victim was identified as Tri Umar Setiani, a resident of Segulung Village, Madiun. The previous three disappeared for two days from the shelter.

The victim was found dead at the base of a well over 30 meters deep. It is unknown if the victim committed suicide or was killed and the body was thrown into the well.

The victim's friend, Sri Rejeki, said the victim was registered as a Taiwanese migrant worker. After that, the victims attended training at Erica Putra Company, training center, Ponorogo since last week.

However, on Friday (31 October 2019) the victim suddenly disappeared from the shelter. Other migrant workers attempted to find the victim, but none were found. The victim's body was discovered after a friend of the victim smelled a foul odor from the well. Upon examination it was found that in the well there was a corpse resembling the victim.

The body of the victim was later reported to police. The Ponorogo Police Department's Nomenclature of Police and BPBD obtained a direct report to the location of the incident and evacuated the victim's body from the well.

Jenangan police chief, AKP Darmana said the process of evacuating the victim's body was hampered by equipment, which had to be coordinated with Basarnas Trenggalek.

“We have not been able to evacuate due to equipment limitations. Officers are still waiting for help from Basarnas Trenggalek, ”he said.

Police say they are still investigating the case of the victim's death whether he committed suicide by jumping into a well or being killed and then thrown into a well. “Still under investigation. When found, the well was closed, ”he said.

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