Saturday, 30 May 2020

39 Migrants Found Dead Behind a Container in Essex Turned Out to Be Vietnamese Not Chinese, And So Were the Perpetrators


The incidentThe incident - Police in Vietnam have arrested eight people for the discovery of 39 bodies in a truck in Essex, state media revealed today.

On Friday, Vietnamese police arrested two people and called others for interrogation over their alleged involvement in the incident after the discovery on October 23.

That happened after lawmakers in London said the 'tragic' death must be a 'warning for the Government' to rethink their approach to illegal migration.

The Foreign Selection Committee provides input on a policy that focuses on closing border areas that push migrants to dangerous routes. The border area also encourages immigrants to go to the wrong hands of smugglers.

More than 100 people gathered when the candle set to be read '39' was at the foot of the altar in the Catholic church, which has a large Vietnamese congregation.

On Friday, the Essex Police announced that they believed all victims were Vietnamese after previously declaring that they were Chinese.

A Vietnamese Foreign Ministry spokesman called the incident a "serious human tragedy" in a statement on Saturday.

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