Sunday, 07 Jun 2020

VIRAL! Story of the Broken Kite and Opinion of Psychologists


Photo : InternetPhoto : Internet - The melancholy story of 'layangan putus' (the broken kite) recently graced the social media line. The story that made many netizens upset became viral after it was uploaded by a woman of 4 children. Just imagine! after all this time getting married and having 4 children, the husband was taken by the mistress and secretly they went on their honeymoon.

Now, the two are officially divorced. Even worse, the husband no longer provides for his four young children.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram social media became a scene with #Layanganputus.

Netizens rushed to share this annoying affair.

The story of the affair was written by Mommi Asf's Facebook account.

Until this news was revealed, the article was deleted, but many have shared it again.

Despite this, many psychologists oppose Mommi Asf's actions. Head of UPT guidance and counseling University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), Hudaniah, S. Psi., M. Si. view pouring out their hearts on social media is the wrong way.

According to him, one must be good at sorting out which problems can be shared with the public, which issues must be solved privately.

Hudaniah continues the rapid development of technology making the quantity of communication through social media higher than direct face-to-face-to-face meetings.

While the presence of other people in communicating needs, especially in solving problems is very important.

In addition, a fast response makes reinforcement (reinforcement) for people who vent to social media.

Previously, it had been viral a story of breaking up kites on various social media.

The story tells of a wife of five children left by her husband who had polygamy.

The story was shared by a Facebook account named Mommi ASF.

The story that originated from Facebook was immediately viral and a lot of conversation, especially among women.

Layangan Putus is the title of a continuous story from an account in one of the well-known national authorship groups led by Ayah Isa Alamsyah, husband of Mother Asma Nadia who often shares stories about the household.

In the true story it is written that a husband who is known to be religious even has several YouTube channels preaching, secretly married to a younger woman.

There the husband was told having an affair with a celebrity before he married her.

The reason for the secret marriage is to maintain the woman's migration.

The husband also had disappeared 12 days.

His wife was confused looking for the father of 5 children.

The husband came home after 12 days disappeared, after being pressured he also admitted that he was doing a honeymoon or honeymoon with his second wife.

After knowing about her husband's marriage secretly, Mommy ASF also chose to divorce and struggle to support her own child.

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