Sunday, 07 Jun 2020

After the General Champion Bengkulu Regional Office, Kempo Riau Preparing To Face Pre-PON National Championship in South Kalimantan


Riau women's kempo athlete, Frisca (red) during the elimination round at the Region X Sumatra 2019 BengkuluRiau women's kempo athlete, Frisca (red) during the elimination round at the Region X Sumatra 2019 Bengkulu - After winning the overall championship in Sumatra Regional Office X in 2019, the Riau kempo team will still face a number of challenges in November 2019.

Besides facing Porwil in Bengkulu, Riau's kempo team will still face the pre-PON National Championship which will take place in South Kalimantan (South Kalimantan) in mid-November 2019.

At the National Championship, 12 classes will be competed from a total of 17 classes that will be competed at the XX PON in Papua in 2020.

Riau kempo trainer, Marzul said, in Bengkulu Regional Office, there were already three Riau kempo athletes who had passed to PON 2020 from 2 classes, namely the 65 kg men's randori and the embryo of the female yudansa pair.

"In Porwil there are 5 PON classes competed, and we have passed two classes. Furthermore, in the Pre-PON National Championship there are 12 classes that we will pursue to qualify for PON," Marzul told, Tuesday, November 5, 2019.

Marzul said, to solidify preparations, all Riau Kempo athletes were still in Bengkulu to undergo intensive training until the pre-PON National Championship.

"So, from Bengkulu we go to South Kalimantan to take part in the Pre-National Championship which is planned to be held on 15 November 2019," he explained.

Speaking about the targets in the Pre-PON National Championship, Marzul revealed, his party did not provide grandiose targets to Riau kempo athletes. He only wants to give the best.

'We don't set heavy targets for athletes so they don't feel burdened. But, we will give our best and pass as many Riau kempo athletes as possible to Papua PON, "he concluded.

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