Saturday, 30 May 2020

Shocking And Disgusting! White Worms Wriggle Out of Frozen Sausage Packages


Source: FacebookSource: Facebook - For many people who buy frozen food, you might not really know how food is packaged. As long as it's ready to be cooked, all you have to do is remove it from the wrapper, and cook it right away.

Well, now you might be even more wary of frozen food after you see a picture of this Facebook Facebook video.

The video went viral after a netizen showed how he thawed some of the sausages he bought. But not as expected from a pack of frozen sausages, he found something wrong with the package he bought.

He saw something white writhing from frozen sausages as he melted the ice, and one of the sausages seemed to be covered with several white lumps. The person who recorded the video claimed that the white thing was a parasitic worm.

He then shows the sausage brand that he bought. The sausage brand came from a company called Valley Chef. People who commented on the video also showed that the same sausage brand can be found in Johor.

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