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A Grandfather Got Caught While Burying His Newborn Grandson, Here's the Chronology


Photo : InternetPhoto : Internet - Everyone will reflexively try to save someone's life, if they see someone else being buried alive.

As experienced by a baby who will be buried alive by his own grandfather.

Luck is still in the baby's fortune because police say attempts to bury the baby have been foiled.

Reporting from The News Minute, this grandfather was spotted by a pedicab driver when he was going to bury a newborn baby.

The baby girl was rescued from a burial alive on Thursday (31 October 2019).

The incident occurred near the busy Jubilee Bus Station (JBS) in the heart of Secunderabad, India.

Kumar, a pedicab driver who spotted the scene, saw two men carrying suspicious cloth packages.

The two men looked suspicious, they were in a remote place near a bus station and one of them began to dig a hole.

While the old man holding the baby in his hand was the baby's grandfather, named Tirupati, and the person who dug up the grave was his relative, identified as Rajendra.

They were seen putting a bundle of cloth into the hole.

Seen the grandfather holding a baby covered in cloth.

The driver immediately honked the horn. The police, who were around the JBS stop immediately rushed to the scene and began questioning the two suspicious men.

They told the police that they would bury a baby that had been born dead.

But when they were approached and asked, the newborn baby moved its arms and legs.

The police also arrested the two suspects and secured the baby to be moved to the Gandhi Hospital which is managed by the government.

DCP local police S Srinivas said:

"Until now, babies get good care."

The police said their answers were inconsistent.

The defendant cannot answer who told them that the baby was stillborn. They claimed to come from the Karimnagar district in Telangana.

They even told the police that because they could not take a bus with a 'dead' child, they buried it before returning to their home village.

It is estimated that the baby girl has some medical complications and the family may not be able to pay for treatment.

The police are investigating this matter further.

Police have also sought legal advice and cases are expected to be registered against the two defendants in the coming days.

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