Friday, 07 Aug 2020

Three Acting of Head Department in Pelalawan Cannot Join Assesment, This Is the Reason


(Pelalawan Regency Government opens eight positions auction (photo / illustration))(Pelalawan Regency Government opens eight positions auction (photo / illustration)) -

PELALAWAN - Three Acting Heads (Acting) of the Head of Service in the Pelalawan Regency Government, certainly cannot participate in the assessment carried out by the Pelalawan Regency Government. Even though the Pelalawan Regency Government auctioned eight positions for the Primary High Leadership Position.

The three of them are, Acting Head of the Education Office M Zalal, Acting Head of the Office for Women's Empowerment, Protection, Population and KB Control Dahnil and Acting Head of the Office of Public Works and Spatial Planning Hardian Syahputra.

These three positions are included in the auction of high positions in the Primary District of Pelalawan Regency. "Mr. Zalal and Mr. Dahnil are past their age. Both of them are already over 56 years old. As for Hardian, the rank is not enough," said an OPD chief to

Pelalawan Regency Regional Secretary (Sekdakab) Tengku Mukhlis said officials who did not meet the requirements certainly could not take part in the selection and assessment.

"This is an open selection, all and anyone can participate, except those who do not meet the requirements, such as, do not meet the rank, age and other criteria," he told, recently.

Pelalawan Regent HM Harris admitted that there are officials who are acting as Acting Participants who can not participate in the selection and assessment. "Yes, there are. Ages that have passed and not enough rank," he said yesterday.

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