Thursday, 02 Jul 2020

Captured by the Camera, the Regent in Riau Bring Similar Items to Firearms at the Waist when Attending the Event


Tampak senjata air soft gun di pinggang Bupati Rohul SukimanTampak senjata air soft gun di pinggang Bupati Rohul Sukiman - Circulating photos of the Regent of Rokan Hulu (Rohul) of Riau Province, Sukiman carried an object similar to a firearm, on his waist, Wednesday 6 November 2019. search results, the object contained in Sukiman's waist was known to be a soft water gun.

The photo of Regent Rohul Sukiman carrying a soft water gun with a gun nest around his waist circulated in the WhatsApp group.

It is known that Sukiman was attending the Alms Satgas Karhutla Satria Kresna, in Rohul District.

The event was also attended by regional leaders, including the Regent himself, the Police Chief and the ranks of the TNI and other invitations.

"Yes, it was a standby program for the Karhutla Satria Kresna task force whose formation was spearheaded by the Intel Police Precinct," Rohul Police Chief AKBP Dasmin Ginting told

"That soft water is not a firearm," Dasmin sure.

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