Thursday, 16 Jul 2020

This is the hope of Andi Putra Chairman of Kuansing's Council as meeting the New Head of Prosecutor's Office


(Kuansing DPRD Chairperson Andi Putra MH welcomes the new Kajarsing Hadiman on duty (photo / Zar))(Kuansing DPRD Chairperson Andi Putra MH welcomes the new Kajarsing Hadiman on duty (photo / Zar)) -

KUANSING- Chair of the Kuansing Regional Legislative Assembly, Andi Putra MH, said he was welcome to the new Kajarsing Hadiman on duty. As is known Kajari Kuansing Hadiman replaced Hari Wibowo, who had moved to Bali.

Taking place in the Kajari Kuansing office on Thursday (7/11) afternoon Hadiman SH MH received Andi Putra's presence immediately. "As a new person in Kuansing, I am grateful for the visit of Kuansing DPRD Chairperson Andi Putra SH MH," he said.

Meanwhile Andi Putra, who was contacted by the media crew, said that his presence was to establish a friendly relationship between fellow Regional Leaders' Communication Forums or Forkopimda.

"So far communication and good relations have been established between the Kuansing's Concil and the Kuansing District Prosecutor's Office, including other Forkopimda such as the Chief of Police and Dandim or Pabung," said Kuansing DPRD Speaker Andi Putra.

"Because of that, the good relations that have existed so far will continue in the future, for the advancement of the region," continued Andi Putra.

That's why Kuansing's Council Chairperson Andi Putra visited the Kuansing Prosecutor's office in the context of a friendly gathering. "My hope is that the new presocutor feels comfortable working in Kuansing, and consider Kuansing his own village," he said. (R24 / Zar)

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