Saturday, 30 May 2020

Demand Riau Governor not to Debt, Dozens of UNRI Students Demonstrate


Dozens of students demand Riau Governor Syamsuar not to owe (photo / Riki)Dozens of students demand Riau Governor Syamsuar not to owe (photo / Riki) -

PEKANBARU- A ??dozen students from the University of Riau (UNRI) Student Executive Board (BEM) demonstrated at Tugu Zapin in front of the Riau Governor's Office. Dozens of mass protesters demanded that the Governor of Riau Province, Syamsuar, not be in debt for development on Thursday (11/07/2019).

Dozens of students gave speeches while unfurling banners and stickers containing rejection. Students insisted that the Riau Provincial Government with the discourse to borrow Rp.4.4 trillion in funds to build some infrastructure.

"We (students) hope that the Riau Province government does not make loans or borrow," said UNRI Student President Safrul Ardi.

Safrul, Riau Provincial Government does not have to borrow that much money if it is only for the improvement of infrastructure and tourist attractions. "There is no need for the Riau Governor to borrow, it can be done in stages," he said.

According to Safrul, if the Riau Provincial Government insists on going into debt, the community will be afraid of its negative effects. "In the future, we will see that Riau will be controlled by the place we borrowed earlier," said Safrul.

The student demonstrating thanked the Riau's council member who rejected the proposal from the Governor of Riau, Syamsuar.

However, Safrul asked that the Riau's Council consistently reject the debt discourse. He even reminded that Riau's Council members were not gotten into political lobbying.

"We pay attention to the governor with high morale and continue to try how legislators can allow the Riau Provincial Government to make loans," he said.

Students are worried that one day the Riau Provincial Government will not be able to pay the debt. "We will do the loan later, do it again and again so that it accumulates. That's what we are afraid of," said Safrul.

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