Thursday, 16 Jul 2020

Deadly Animal; In the Occasion of Celebrating Wife's Birthday, This Man's Body Was Found Dismembered


Mr. and Mrs. TurnerMr. and Mrs. Turner - A British tourist is eaten by a shark during his lavish trip in celebrating his wife's 40th birthday. He felt that he was swimming in a 'safe' area.

The victim is known as Martyn Turner, from Edinburgh. When the incident Turner was snorkeling alone in the waters off the Indian paradise coast on the island of Reunion. After the incident, in the waters four sharks were found and caught.

The death of the 44-year-old man was confirmed by court sources a few days after his severed hand and arm were found in the belly of a tiger shark. His wife, named Verity Turner, identified her body through her wedding ring.

Although four sharks were found near the beach near where it was lost, the selma lagoon is considered as a safe place for swimmers by locals.

Previously, he was reported missing by his wife and police found the remains of his hand in the stomach of one of the predators, which was nine to 13 feet long.

The Briton has not been named officially, but local sources say the couple were in a five-star resort at the Lux Réunion hotel in Saint-Gilles for Mrs Turner's 40th birthday.

The Foreign Office declined to comment on the identity of the victim yesterday. DNA tests are being carried out on the remains found in the tiger shark to make sure that it belongs to Mr. Turner, that's understood.

Three other sharks will also be examined by the bowels.

The waters are more precisely located on Hermitage Beach, close to the city of Saint-Paul - one of the most popular tourist attractions in Reunion, which is 500 miles east of Madagascar.

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