Sunday, 07 Jun 2020

Careless! Because of Fearful With Cockroaches, This Man Accidentally Burned 3 Cars Using Fire Dan Insecticide


The burnt carThe burnt car - Desperate to kill a cockroach near his kitchen door. A man from the city of Fujian, Quanzhou, China tried to make flamethrowers use insecticides and fires from matches to get rid of cockroaches in his kitchen forever. Though insecticides are very flammable and dangerous.

According to The Beijing News, the man saw a cockroach near his kitchen door on the evening of October 26.

The mixture then caused a fire in the man's kitchen. The situation got worse, the fire ignited and grabbed a metal bucket containing alcohol-based fuel.

A big explosion happened. The fuel splashed and quickly spread to cars parked on the road. As a result these cars also caught fire.

The fire was so severe that it eventually swallowed three cars. The unlucky owner must suffer a loss of RMB 311,400 whooping (RM184,437).

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