Saturday, 30 May 2020

Bullying; a Student at Tahfidz School is Bullied Until End Up in ICU, Here's the Chronology


The victimThe victim - Intimidation among teenagers has always been a truly sad topic. Even some cases occur so badly that it really makes the victim lose hope. This bullying case is one of the cases that will definitely make you angry and make you feel disappointed not only with the bullies but also with how the case was handled.

This bullying incident took place at the Tahfiz Darul Quran Ittifaqiah Center. It is indeed surprising to learn that the center of tahfiz is in fact one of the largest tahfiz centers in Malaysia. However, previously the Tahfiz center had also lost 23 of its students in a horrific fire incident in 2017.

Now a bullying case has taken place at the school. The victim is 13 years old, he was rushed to Kuala Lumpur Hospital (HKL) because his body was burnt after he was doused with boiling water by a 12-year-old intruder on October 16, 2019.

He was doused with hot water around 4am in his dormitory, which caused burns on his left side and thighs. It all started when these two students had a misunderstanding as a result of some ridicule between the two.

"Last Monday night he (the intruder) called me down after the Asar prayer. Then, he punched me in the face. After that, he took the cat and put it in my mouth. "

The victim's mother, Siti Satariah Ahmad, 36, told Sinar Harian that her son suffered 13% burns and had to undergo physiotherapy because his shoulder joints were affected by the incident. She also said his son, Yusof, had fled the tahfiz center on March 1 because he could not stand being harassed and beaten. When he met her son two days before this incident, she saw a bruise under his left eye, which he said he was beaten.

Worried, the mother called the principal and was assured that this problem would be solved. She even called the perpetrator's parents and they were ready to meet in the following night, but they were lying, they did not give any respond at the agreed time. However, the mother was told that the bully boy received caning in front of other students. The more sad part is that during the ten days Yusof was in the ICU, no Ustaz came to visit him at all.

"The hospital bill reached RM400, but we had to handle the payments ourselves without help from the Tahfiz Center."

Siti Satariah said that although the bullying family offered a compensation fee of RM3000, she and her husband did not accept this amount and instead wanted to take the case to court.

The head of the Tahfidz school even said that he met both parents and assumed that the case had been resolved. He also added that while the victim had only been in the center of Tahfiz for six months, the bullies had been there for two years and he had no prior disciplinary problems.

"Usually, students who have problems don't stay here for too long but these students have been here for two years. This problem is beyond our control. ",

Muhammad Zahid said that since the fire incident, their tahfiz center had gained many friends and enemies. He also explained that this incident was probably caused by people who were not responsible for seeking profits by bringing public attention to the center of their tahfiz again.

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