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Head of Villages Election, 9 Villages in Bengkalis Regency Run Smoothly, One Fails to Be Done


(Election of Village Heads (Pilkades) Simultaneously held 9 villages in Bengkalis Regency went smoothly (photo / hari))(Election of Village Heads (Pilkades) Simultaneously held 9 villages in Bengkalis Regency went smoothly (photo / hari)) -

BENGKALIS- The simultaneous village head elections held in 9 villages in Bengkalis Regency went smoothly, and the level of voter participation was quite high.

This was said by the Head of the Village Empowerment and Community Service (DPMD) Bengkalis Regency Yuhelmi through the Head of the Division (Head) of Rinaldi Village Government Eka Wahyu, when confirmed via cellphone, Saturday 9 November 2019.

Rinaldi stated that, in the Pilkades which took place simultaneously on 30 October 2019, the results of the vote count were still accepted by the public because there had been no objections to date.

"Alhamdulillah, the elesction yesterday went safely and smoothly and the voter participation rate reached 80 percent," said Rinaldi Eka Wahyu.

Rinaldi added, on Monday, the election committee had submitted the results of the Pilkades to the Village Consultative Body (BPD) and the BPD proceeded to the Regent through the local Camat.

"God willing, this result if we pay attention there is no dispute and lawsuit because the distance of the winner or chosen one level below the difference is far," he said.

Rinaldi conveyed, based on the rules that could sue if the difference is two percent, while the results of the Pilkades in 9 villages in Bengkalis Regency there is a difference in the votes of the winner with one level below that is quite far.

"All is going well so far we have not even received a report related to the difference in calculation results," he said.

According to him again, for the stages and rules until the end of November this will still be awaiting if there is a lawsuit and the committee will provide a rebuttal. To be used as a re-election (PSU) will only be held at the polling station (TPS) which is considered to violate the rules.

And after that the next stage is on 2 to 6 December 2019 making a decree (SK) which will be signed by the Regent of Bengkalis. "The target in December is that the elected village head will soon be appointed," he said again.

Besides that, one of the villages that failed to implement the Pilkades simultaneously on 30 October was Kesumbo Ampai Village. Because the local BPD states that they are not willing to carry out Pilkades because stages have not yet been carried out.

"For that we postpone it first, but we are still studying the regulations, whether it can be implemented in 2020 or not," he added. (R24 / Hari)

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