Thursday, 16 Jul 2020

PUPR Ministry Will Build Rusunawa Again in Pekanbaru, Office of Regional Office Provides 1 Hectare of Land


Head of Pekanbaru Perkim Office Ardhahni.Head of Pekanbaru Perkim Office Ardhahni. - The Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (Kemen PUPR) will build simple rental apartments (rusunawa) in Pekanbaru. To support the development of the low-cost apartment buildings, the Department of Public Housing and Settlement Areas (Perkim) of Pekanbaru City will provide around one hectare of land in Rumbai District.

Head of Pekanbaru Perkim Service Ardhahni, Friday (11/08/2019), said that the new Rusunawa project will be built next year. This Rusunawa will be built in Palas Village.

"We already have two towers, Yos Sudarso, Rumbai Coastal District and Rejosari Flats in Tenayan Raya District," he said.

Rusunawa built was in the form of twin blocks. One room the size of a type 36 house with two bedrooms.

"The two rusunawa that we manage are type 21. The rooms are only one," Ardhahni explained.

So, the rusunawa that will be built will be for residents of Witayu, Sri Meranti Village. Because, this residential area is often flooded.

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