Saturday, 30 May 2020

As a result of Mantra Doesn't Work Well, a Naked Robber was Caught


CCTV RecordingCCTV Recording - A thief who is an expert in breaking into houses and empty buildings was finally arrested by the North Jakarta City Police Unit a few days ago.

Police chief Budhi Herdi Susianto said that the man, also known as HL, broke into a building on his birthday in accordance with the advice of his teacher.

According to his belief, being naked would make him invisible during the robbery.

"He is completely naked. He will take off everything and make sure that there are no strings in his body before he starts the crime. This is because he believes that by being naked, no one can see him, "said Budhi

Unfortunately the 'spell' did not work because he could clearly be seen on the CCTV footage at the crime scene that captured his every move.

Before being arrested, HL robbed 6 other locations. Among the spoils he successfully looted were 30 units of tablets from a library in North Jakarta.

Using footage, the police searched and managed to find the man. HL was arrested around the Tanjung Pirok area when he was taking drugs during the day. HL has been jailed before for drug abuse and he has just been released recently.

However, this time the thief did not work alone. His colleague in crime managed to escape, and the police are looking for him at this time.

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