Saturday, 30 May 2020

Dangerous! Deadly Bacteria Found in Raw Seafood, This Man Died After Being Infected


A man died because of seafoodA man died because of seafood - Shrimp and other seafood are very popular and also not cheap. However, if you prepare the seafood yourself, make sure you handle it carefully because there may be harmful bacteria that lurk in seafood that can be fatal.

A man in his sixties in Hangzhou was accidentally injured by a shrimp hook and died a few days after that when he was infected with some deadly bacteria. The man, identified as Wang, arrived at the hospital unknowingly and in a state of shock.


His right leg was also swollen with excessive fluid accumulation and covered with bruises. Further examination showed that many of the male organs failed. He was transferred to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for treatment. His family was confused because Wang suddenly had a fever and coma but did not know the reason for his sudden illness.


The doctor questioned the family and found that three days ago, Wang went to the market to buy shrimp. At that time, he accidentally cut his finger on the shrimp shell and the doctor remembered that there might be deadly bacteria in the clam.


The doctor quickly examined Mr. Wang's condition and confirmed that he was infected by Vibrio vulnificus, a rare but deadly bacterium that had a high mortality rate. This is a very malignant bacterium that can cause acute gastroenteritis. These bacteria can enter the body when eating raw or undercooked shells, necrotising wound infections enter through injured skin or invasive sepsis, which can cause death.


They tried to treat the man with a combination of three antibiotics but his condition worsened, with many skin lesions appearing on his right leg and muscle tissue rapidly undergoing necrosis. Unfortunately, after three days of treatment, he succumbed to his infection and died.


Doctors remind people that they must be careful when handling shells because they can carry a variety of germs and bacteria. After you have been injured or injured while handling a clam, you should always clean and disinfect the wound immediately, before the wound worsens. If other symptoms such as fever, blisters and sores appear, you should visit a doctor immediately.

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