Saturday, 30 May 2020

The Motive is Unknown There are Puncture Wounds on the Victim's Neck, Arms, Legs, Stomach, Cheeks, and Head


The perpetratorThe perpetrator - The police arrested Jemi Oppier, the perpetrators of the murder of women in the Griya Tipar Cakung Flat, West Cakung Village, Cakung District, East Jakarta. Jemi killed his victim with a knife sadistically.

The murder occurred on Friday (8 November 2019). In less than 24 hours, the police arrested Jemi Oppier who was a resident of the Griya Tipar Flat. On Saturday (9 November 2019) this morning, he was again taken to the scene of the crime.

The police took Jemi to find the sharp weapon she used to kill Rieke Andrianti. Jemi finally shows the kitchen knife's hiding place.

The knife was tucked under a small stage near the Griya Tipar Cakung flats basketball court. "Yes there," he told police on Saturday (9 November 2019). The 15 centimeter long knife was clean, without blood.

The murder of Rieke, 43, was revealed by her son, Osama (18). On Friday night, Usama got a report from Iwan, Rieke's friend, who told him that there was no news about his mother.

Usama then checked his mother's house. It is known that the house is locked up. Usamah then asked Lucky for help, his neighbor opened the door.

Lucky opened the window with a broom. Usamah then entered and found his mother covered in carpet. When opened, his mother had died with several stab wounds.

"There were stab wounds to the neck, arms, legs, abdomen, cheeks, and head," said Kasubdit Jatanras, Director of Criminal Investigation of Jakarta Metropolitan Police AKBP Jerry R Siagian.

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