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Heartbreaking; While Leading a Long Distance Relationship, This New Bride Must Lose Its Spouse, This is the Cause


Airina dan AmirulAirina dan Amirul - The story of a newlyweds who lost their husband has always been a heartbreaking story. Airina Roslan had to lose her husband forever because her husband, Muhammad Amirul Ashraf, died suddenly while playing futsal.

Amirul breathed his last breath suspected of a heart attack. Airina and Amirul are newly married in October 2019.

She told me last time she met Amirul on October 31, 2019. At that time Airina was going to her parents' house.

Airina and Amirul are on Long Distance Relationship (LDR) due to work issues. Mirul himself should be in New Johor at that time.

Airina or more commonly called as Erin, suddenly received a message from her mother on Wednesday night, November 6, 2019.

"My mom sent WhatsApp, asked what time it was now. I told her at 1am while I was watching the movie," Erin said.

Her mother later told her that Mirul had fainted while playing futsal.

"Then my mom said don't be surprised ... Mirul fainted while playing futsal," Erin said mimicking the mother's words.

Erin immediately had a bad feeling and seemed in disbelief and decided to call her in-laws.

"At first I couldn't believe it. So I sent a WhatsApp to my mother-in-law. My mother-in-law answered Mirul fainted during futsal ... now in the ICU," he said.

Erin immediately left for New Johor to hear the news.

Erin's mother-in-law told Erin not to leave that night but cried.

Erin finally decided to leave for Johor Baru.

Until finally Erin got the heartbreaking news while she was packing.

The news came from his in-laws on Whatsapp.
"When I was packing up, my WhatsApp mother-in-law, Airin ... Mirul had left," he said sadly.

Erin doesn't seem to believe that the husband she loves should suddenly leave forever.

Erin had previously remembered that her husband had a video call with her.

Her husband was leaving for Erin to play futsal with her friend.

But who would have thought that would be the last message he got.

"'I'm going futsal'. That's the last time I heard his voice," Erin remembers.

"It felt like a dream, I hoped this didn't happen. I still couldn't believe it. When I got to the hospital, my mother in-laws showed the morgue," Erin said.

Erin was only able to see her husband's dead body in the morgue.

Until she finally realizes that all of this happened to him.

"This is the first time I realize this is true. Mirul passed away on November 7, 2019 exactly two months after we were married," she said.

After undergoing an autopsy, Mirul had a heart attack while playing futsal.

Mirul was then reported to be off the field.

"When he was sitting next to his friend, he suddenly fainted. His friends said Mirul was pale when playing," Erin said.

His friends immediately took Mirul to the hospital.

Mirul said he had apologized to both of his parents before he died.

Erin was devastated by the loss.

She told her that she only met her husband three times before they decided to get married.

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