Saturday, 30 May 2020

Pathetic; in Order to Get Work, This Applicant Must Be Willing to 'Held' By the Boss If She Wants yo Be Accepted


IllustrationIllustration - Viral on social media Facebook stories about a girl applying for work are required to be "held" by the boss if you want to be hired.

The job the girl is proposing is as a personal secretary

However, the company he proposed proposed an unusual condition that the girl must be willing to "hold" by her boss

The salary offered is quite tempting which is between 5-7 thousand Ringgit (IDR 16-23 million) per month.

And an additional allowance of 5 hundred Ringgit (almost IDR1.7 million).

The applicant has also received an email from the place of application asking for his approval to become a personal secretary.

However, after the email is read, there are conditions that are both unpleasant and ridiculous.

The email states that the boss is a person who sometimes "can't keep his hands" when working.

So if the applicant accepts the job, he must be prepared to be 'grasped' by his supervisor.

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