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4 Facts of the Mystery of the Death of a Member of the Navy with Plastic Head Wrapped Starts Revealed


Photo : InternetPhoto : Internet - The cause of the death of members of the Indonesian Navy Arif Ario Prakoso (28) at his grandmother's house, on Jalan Kedung Anyar 1 No. 28, RT 2 RW 12 Surabaya, Thursday (07 November 2019) is still mysterious.

This Navy member was killed with his head wrapped in a white plastic bag. Until now the cause of death of Arif Ario Prakoso has not been ascertained, whether suicide or there are other causes.

From's search there are a number of facts that can be a clue to reveal the cause of Arif Ario Prakoso's death.

Here is the description!

1. Rarely Get Sick

Sutinah admitted that her grandchildren visited her home after work, she had never been absent to wake her to take ablution water and then perform the morning prayer together. Sutinah also claimed that her beloved grandchild was known as a quiet personn

Inevitably, the death of Ario in the room with his head wrapped in a white plastic bag surprised her. Although she also did not know the exact cause of her beloved grandson's death.

"Yes, nothing, he rarely gets sick," she explained.

2. Calm Person

The household assistant at Sutikah's house, Ribut (53) said, the victim has been known as a quiet figure. Every time he return to his grandmother's house after fulfilling his duties, the victim rarely engages in intimate conversations with relatives who live in her grandmother's house.

"He just came into the room. Played a cellphone. He was quiet, like he was covered," said Ribut.

3. Introvert, Like to Express His Feeling in a Writing

Ribut revealed, the victims did not live in his grandmother's residence every day. Only at certain times, during the long holiday after carrying out the task of sailing in his unit.

Not much is known about the friendship of the victim. Ribut knows the victim as a quiet person.

Ribut recalled, the victims often poured out inner emotions by writing them down on paper. "There's a problem whether I don't want to tell a story. He likes to write in that book," he explained.

However, Ribut could not show the results of the victim's writing so far to the media. Because the article was kept by the victim in a cupboard in the very front room measuring 3 x 3 meters.

"The handwriting is in the cupboard but it is not brave (take it). The commander said there is no need for other evidence," he said.

4. Not yet married

The victim is the second child of three siblings, and can be called an orphan.

"His father is dead," he said. During this time, said Sutikah, his mother and two siblings lived in the Kelapa Gading area, Jakarta.

"In Jakarta, all his fathers were also the TNI," he concluded.

In another part, the Head of Information Service of Fleet Command II (Kadispen Koarmada II) Lieutenant Colonel (P) Djawara H.T. Whimbo A said, based on the initial information obtained it was true. The victim's father was indeed a member of the Indonesian Navy.

However, his side was still unable to ascertain, the rank and position carried by the victim during his life.

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