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Improving Quality! Goods and Services Procurement Practitioners in Meranti Join PUPR Candy Socialization Number 7


Assistant III Setdakab Meranti RosdanerAssistant III Setdakab Meranti Rosdaner - In the Context of Developing and Improving Competency in Procurement of Goods and Services, Assistant III of the Regional Secretary of Meranti District opened the socialization of the Minister of PUPR Regulation No. 7 of 2019 at the Meranti Regency Government Environment, Monday (11/11/2019) k on Monday (11/11/2019).

The activity that took place at the Grand Meranti Hotel Ballroom, Selatpanjang was attended by Resource Person I Made Heriyana, Head of the Procurement Unit of the Sekdakab Services. Meranti Janefi Meza, Participants consisting of KPA and PPTK were covered by the Meranti District Office / Agency / Division.

As equated with the Head of the ULP Sekdakab Meranti, the socialization of the Regulation of the Minister of PUPR Number 7 Year 2019 in the District Government of Meranti, is carried out in the framework of developing and increasing the competence of goods and services procurement actors in the District Government of Meranti, so that the principle of transparency in the procurement of government goods and services can be applied properly .

It is considered important for the smooth running of goods service procurement activities so that the use of the budget in each OPD can be carried out properly and be beneficial to the community.

"Here we try to provide knowledge and understanding to officials of the procurement of goods and services in the District Government of Meranti in an effort to improve the competency of the HR Apparatus, it is expected that this socialization will have an impact on improving the Quality, Effectiveness and Efficiency of the procurement of goods and services of local governments.

Responding to the implementation of the activity, Assistant III Sekdakab. Meranti H. Rosdaner, expressed his high appreciation to the committee in this case the ULP Meranti Islands Section, which had organized the activity. According to him, this activity was very strategic in an effort to improve the quality and competence of the Goods and Services Procurement Apparatus within the Meranti Regency Government.

"This activity is very important and strategic because the regulations for the procurement of goods and services continue to enjoy improvements and changes. For this reason, all apparatuses for procurement of goods and services must know and be able to implement them," explained H. Rosdaner.

He hopes that with the knowledge gained, there will be no more officials of the procurement of goods and services carrying out the procurement process outside the established rules. Because it will cause problems to face the law.

"In the future, the goods procurement officials should not be involved in legal issues, either PA, KPA, or PPTK," he hoped.

Finally, so that the activities take place in line with the expectations of the Assistant III of the Regional Secretariat. Meranti advised all participants to take part in this activity well and seriously in order to gain knowledge from competent speakers as a provision to carry out the procurement of goods and services in each OPD.

Meanwhile, a resource person from the Bali Province ULP, I Made Hariyana in his audience, said that currently there are still many procurement officials who are still doubtful about the application of Pemendagri No. 7 of 2019, even though the Permen was present because of the mandate of Presidential Regulation No. 16 of 2018, where the Ministries and Institutions were asked to implement the regulation.

For this reason, he emphasized to all DPOs to implement the regulation, in which there were many improvements and changes from the previous regulation. In this activity, I Made Heriyana provided an understanding of the application of PUPR Ministerial Regulation No. 7 of 2019, including if there were a Decree or Regulation that regulates provided that it did not conflict with higher regulations.

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