Sunday, 05 Jul 2020

Evaluation of the Training Process, Pekanbaru KOSMP Dispora Students Live a Sparring Partner


KOSMP Dispora Pekanbaru students are badminton and sepak takraw sportsKOSMP Dispora Pekanbaru students are badminton and sepak takraw sports - The Junior High School Sports Class Program (KOSMP), which was initiated by the Department of Youth and Sports (Dispora) of Pekanbaru City, has begun to run, several sports have also begun holding sparring exercises.

One of the KOSMP program sports that has held sparring training, is badminton sports, sepak takraw sports and swimming sports.

"Some of the KOSMP sports have been sparring partners," Head of Pekanbaru City Dispora, Zulfahmi Adrian, told, Monday, November 11, 2019.

Zulfahmi said, for sepak takraw and badminton sports, KOSMP students held sparring exercises at the Gor Pekanbaru Sport Center in Tenayan Raya Sub-district.

"Last Saturday, the badminton sport and sepak takraw sparring partner. On Sunday, the swimming sport that did the sparring partner with the Chevron club," he said.

Zulfahmi revealed, this sparring was held to see the development of the athletes who were included in the Pekanbaru Dispora KOSMP program which had only been training.

"So far, it is just ordinary training, and this time we are doing sparring to see the ability and evaluation of the training process that students go through," he concluded.

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