Thursday, 02 Jul 2020

Many Young People in Meranti Are Positive of Hepatitis B


 (Many young Meranti Islanders infected with Hepatitis B (photo / int)) (Many young Meranti Islanders infected with Hepatitis B (photo / int)) -

Monday, November 11, 2019, a total of 1,071 people from the Meranti Islands community had been tested for hepatitis B. The results were 12 positive for hepatitis B.

Hepatitis B is a contagious disease which is quite dangerous and at risk of death. The Regency Government (Pemkab) of the Meranti Islands, through the Health Office (Diskes) has already taken care of it.

"We have implemented a treatment program for the 12 Hepatitis B sufferers that we have found. What we are worried about is if there are people who suffer from this disease, but they themselves do not know. Because the transmission is very fast, "said the Head of the Division of Control and Eradication of Disease (Head of P2P) Meranti Diskes, Muhammad Fakhri some time ago.

According to him the community was checked by healthy department namely, school students, and pregnant women. Meanwhile, he admitted to thoroughly checking the community, Diskes experienced limitations.

"What we are most worried about contracting this disease is pregnant women. Because it can transmit to the fetus, "he added.

He explained that residents who have been infected will be isolated. Because it will be very easy to transmit this disease. "Even through the sweat and tears on the scar can be infected. If our hands are injured, and shake hands with hepatitis B sufferers whose hands are sweating can be transmitted. So, in addition to shaking hands must use gloves, mouth also must wear a mask if it is with sufferers, "he said later.

Healthy Department Secretary, Asrul Meldi explained that Hepatitis B is an infectious disease that often occurs and is caused by the Hepatitis B virus. This virus attacks the liver, causes inflammation and causes symptoms of the disease. Hepatititis B infection can occur prolonged (chronic) or sudden (acute). Chronic infection can cause hardening (cirrhosis) of the liver and severe liver damage.

"The most infected patients are at a young age. Approximately 90 percent of patients who get infections during infancy and 30-50 percent of patients who get infections before the age of 5 years. And will become chronic hepatitis B at an older age. "More than 70 percent of patients die due to symptoms and complications of hepatitis B infection each year," he explained.

He also explained that Hepatitis B was mainly caused by the Hepatitis B virus, also known as HBV. This virus can last for 7 days outside the body, during that period, the virus can infect patients. (R24 / Mad)

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