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11 badminton athletes Inhil follow Kejurprov 2019


11 Inhil Badminton Athletes Competing in Riau Province Kejurprov 201911 Inhil Badminton Athletes Competing in Riau Province Kejurprov 2019 - A total of 11 Badminton athletes of Inhil Regency are ready to compete in Riau Provincial Championship (Kejurprov) which is held in Rengat, Indragiri Hulu Regency.

These athletes were released directly by the Head of the Youth and Sports Tourism Office (Disparporabud) Inhil, Junaidy and Chair of the Inhil Badminton Association of Indonesia (PBSI), Dr. H Ferryandi ST MT, accompanied by the Head of the PBSI Organization M. Hatta Masud, Tuesday, November 12, 2019.

In his direction, Kadis Parporabud was proud to see the achievements of badminton in Inhil that continued to grow, especially under the guidance of the current chairman.

"I thank Mr. Ferryandi, who has been wrapped in lumus, advancing badminton in Inhil, in a leadership that is only the age of corn, but several championships have been held," Junaidy said.

Junaidy also advised athletes to maintain stamina, health and ethics and courtesy during the match. "I hope all athletes have a high fighting power to defend the name Inhil and do not give up quickly, do not have the intention to go to compete to lose," he said.

Meanwhile, Chairman of PBSI Inhil Dr. H Ferryandi ST MT revealed, the badminton athletes sent to follow the 2019 Riau Kejurprov in Inhu was the result of selection from the PBSI Kejurkab which was held at Tembilahan in October 2019.

"We sent as many as 11 athletes plus one coach and two officials. We followed all the numbers of the matches that were held at the Riau Kejurprov in Inhu," Ferryandi explained.

The athletes who will compete later are the age category of birth in 2001 and thereafter for Youth and age 2003 and thereafter for Youth.

In addition, the competition categories at the PBSI Riau Kejurprov in Inhu District will include, among men pre-early singles, male early singles, female early singles, male children singles, male singles singles, male singles, male adolescents, single male cadets, doubles young men and male cadets and adult male doubles.

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