Friday, 07 Aug 2020

In Order to Look Beautiful, a Korean Girl Never Removes Her Make up For 2 Years, This is What Happened


Bae Dal-mi Bae Dal-mi - Today's viral news concerns about beauty, in order to look beautiful all the time, this Korean girl has never removed her makeup. She did this for 2 years in a row. Even when she was sleeping, she did not remove the makeup.

She believes makeup is good for her besides beautifying and decorating herself. With make up, she feels her shortcomings can be covered up and become more confident. Though wearing makeup also has rules that cannot be careless.

She uses make up all day almost 24 hours / 7 days.

In fact, she claimed that she never removes her makeup on her face for two years in a row.

The girl's name is Bae Dal-mi. Every morning she always adds makeup to her face to make it even more beautiful.

However, in a reality show in Korea, this girl finally agreed to remove her makeup by a dermatologist.

She told that she have learned to use makeup since she was in high school.

She felt the makeup can cover the flaws in her face.

And finally she decided not to remove her makeup since then even when she was sleeping or not going anywhere.

When she woke up, she hickened the eyeliner back in her eyes as well as the powder for her face.

She felt insecure about her face and continued to thicken her makeup.

"Because I always want to look beautiful"

"I won't get rid of makeup even when sleeping." so clear.

Her mother had warned her to remove makeup from her face, but she ignored it.

In a reality show, this girl agreed to remove her makeup with the lure of some money.

Dermatologist also checks the state of the girl's facial skin.

Unexpectedly, after her makeup was removed, the doctor said that she had skin like a 40-year-old woman.

Meanwhile, Bae Dal-mi is still 20 years old.

The doctor explained that for two years, facial makeup that always clung to the girl's face clogged the pores of her skin.

As a result, the skin of his face was twice older than his actual age and he also lost skin elasticity.

Doctors also have to take action to restore his condition.

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