Saturday, 11 Jul 2020

Stinging Smell of Trash, Meranti Board Member Asks for Modern Market Cleaning Officer


IllustrationIllustration - The poor condition of the clean market in Selatpanjang is a special concern for Commission II of the Meranti Islands Regional House of Representatives (DPRD). They hope, the handling and management of cleanliness in the Selat Panjang modern market should be of more concern.

Commission II member Basiran said the location of the modern market was the entrance and entrance to Selatpanjang, but the smell of chicken carcasses and fish was very strong.

"The smell of garbage, carcasses of chickens and fish is very strong. That is what we found during the field visit yesterday. In fact, the modern market is the entrance and gate of our district," Basiran said.

Likewise, Tengku M Nasir who is also a member of Commission II, also supports the management of cleanliness, especially the handling of waste in the modern market in Selatpanjang, becoming more attention. He also hopes that the cleaning staff of the modern market will be added.

"If necessary, we divert some cleaning workers from other places to the modern market," said the PDI-P politician.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Meranti Islands DLH, Said Asmarudin said that he would respond to the findings of the field review results of the Commission II of the DPRD in the Meranti Islands in the modern market, especially the waste problem.

"The problem of garbage in the modern market is a complex problem. But in the future we will improve the handling of existing waste," he said.

Said Asmarudin also said that he would try to add cleaning personnel in the modern market. However, the authority of DLH is only a matter of waste, while the market is the authority of Disdagprinkop-UKM.

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