Sunday, 05 Jul 2020

Cattle in Meranti Cattle Group Urged to Follow Government Programs


IllustrationIllustration - The Department of Food and Animal Husbandry Food Security (DKPTPP) of the Meranti Islands Regency urges the cattle herds in the Meranti Islands Regency to follow the rules and programs of the Regency Government of the Meranti Islands.

Head of DKPTPP Kepulauan Meranti Idris Sudin through the Head of Animal Husbandry Division Armizar Abdullah said that the livestock groups that received assistance must participate in the mandatory breeding cattle program (Siwab).

"What is clear is that the first group of livestock that gets help must join the government program which requires breeders to be pregnant (siwab). Secondly, they must be kept in cages and not release cows to roam," Armizar explained some time ago.

Armizar Abdullah said, indeed his party had no authority to crack down on livestock groups if it was found to violate the rules of the program that had been determined by the government. But the appeal was still conveyed to the public.

"We can only appeal here, because there are no rules for taking action. Moreover, if the aid cow is sold, it's actually not allowed. However, how come here we have no rules for action, so we just keep appealing," he said.

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