Sunday, 05 Jul 2020

The Wife was too Fanatical with an Hrithik Roshan Actor, Husband Committed Suicide After Stabbing His Wife


Donne Dojoy and Hrithik RoshanDonne Dojoy and Hrithik Roshan - The tragic story happened to a married couple in the Queens area, New York.

The murder was carried out by her husband, Dineshwar Budhidat (33) to his wife, Donne Dojoy (27) on Friday (08 October 2019) night.

Quoted from the New York Post, Budhidat's own motive was because he felt jealous blindly by his wife's actions. His wife, Dojoy is a fanatical fan of the Indian actor, Hrithik Roshan.

This was revealed by a witness who is a close friend of Dojoy.

Dojoy is known to idolize Hrithik Roshan so fanatically and infatuated with the actor.

Although having an idol figure is common, Dojoy accidentally has triggered the anger of her husband.

Provoked emotions, Budhidat then stabbed his wife to death in their residence.

Dojoy was reportedly killed because of sharp stab insistence in the stomach.

After killing his wife, Budhidat contacted Dojoy's sister to admit that he had killed her brother. He also learned that the keys to the apartment where they both lived were put under the flower pot.

After telling Dojoy's sister about his actions, Budhidat then headed to Howard Beach, New York.

At that location Budhidat was found dead hanging himself on a tree.

According to the investigation, this tragic event occurred two days after Budhidat was tried for violence against his wife.

Until now the police are still not sure why Budhidat killed Dojoy.

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