Saturday, 11 Jul 2020

Immoral! In Order to Watch an Indecent Video, a Father Sell His Own Children


Photo : InternetPhoto : Internet - A father naturally carry out the responsibility of giving a living and loving his own child well. However, this did not happen with a father who came from China. He had the heart to sell his own child. for IDR  160 million. The money was then used only to support a female vlogger on the women's livestream video show.

Reporting from Daily Mail on (12 November 2019) the man from Fujian province in China has one son and one daughter. He apparently also has a sad story behind the sale of his baby.

He claimed that his wife had disappeared and claimed he was no longer able to raise his two children.

He faces charges of child trafficking after trading his daughter in February.

According to the case report, the father of the girl named Lu was allegedly introduced to a buyer by two intermediaries earlier this year.

The buyer's family, known as Chen, lives in the city of Fuzhou, which is 110 kilometers from Lu's hometown.

Mr. and Mrs. named Chen is known to suffer from fertility problems.

Their son died in 2017, so they hope to adopt a child.

Ms. Chen's family met Ms. Lu for the first time earlier this year to see photos and videos of her child.

Chen then immediately decided to 'adopt' his child.

They also paid one of the female vloggers who made livestreaming with the theme of eating bananas with 80,000 yuan (IDR 160 million). The money was paid as 'food costs' and signed an 'adoption' contract with the father.

The illegal deal was revealed in May when Chen's family tried to apply for an identity card for the girl they adopted using a fake birth certificate.

The Jin'an District People's Procuratorate in Fuzhou, China has filed a lawsuit against Lu and the person concerned.

The livestream market in China has a whirlpool of money worth around 13.1 billion yuan (IDR. 26 billion).

The host and vlogger on the livestream video site usually make a living by getting money tips from their fans.

Authorities in China are believed to have tightened control of the live-streaming industry.

This is done so that the vlogger does not trap and lull the fans or the audience to donate their money by wearing bad clothes and seductive behavior.

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